Transparent and competitive pricing

Experience a fair and cost-effective trading environment with ITCS Trade's transparent pricing structure, designed to maximize your investment potential.


0.01 pips
Raw spread starting from 0.01 pips.
Benefit from raw spreads with zero markups.
Experience true market pricing without hidden fees.
Trade with confidence knowing you're getting the best price.
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0.003% /daily
Starting from 0.003% daily.
Optimize your long-term trading strategies with competitive rates.
Minimize overnight costs for holding positions.
Benefit from low swap fees starting at 0.003% daily percentage.
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Stay informed on costs

Stay in control of your trading costs with our transparent "New Order" window, displaying Spread, Commission, and Daily Swap fees before you open a position.
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Trade with protected positions

Get started with confidence by depositing a minimum of €200 and receive 10 protected positions to test the platform. Enjoy profits added as credits, while your losses are fully covered.

Avoid inactivity fees

To maintain a fair trading environment, ITCS Trade charges an inactivity fee of €300 after 3 months of account inactivity. To avoid this fee, simply withdraw your funds from the account, and no fee will be charged. This ensures that our resources are focused on active traders and allows us to continue providing exceptional service.
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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions about ITCS Trade's transparent and competitive pricing structure in our comprehensive FAQ section. Learn more about spreads, commissions, swap fees, and other trading costs, ensuring you're well-informed and ready to trade with full cost clarity.
Are there any fees for deposits and withdrawals?
No, ITCS Trade does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals, ensuring a cost-effective trading experience for our clients.
How is the spread calculated?
The spread is calculated as the difference between the buy and sell prices for a specific instrument, with ITCS Trade offering raw spreads and zero markups for optimal trading conditions.
What is the commission structure?
ITCS Trade charges a competitive commission rate starting from just 0.03% on the contract value, providing a fair and transparent fee structure for our clients.
How are swap fees determined on ITCS Trade?
Swap fees, or overnight fees, are charged for holding positions open overnight and start at a low daily percentage of 0.003% on ITCS Trade, ensuring minimal costs for long-term trading strategies.
Are there any hidden fees on ITCS Trade?
No, ITCS Trade is committed to providing a transparent fee structure with no hidden charges, allowing clients to trade with confidence and full cost clarity.
Can I see the fees I will be charged before opening a position?
Yes, our "New Order" window displays the Spread, Commission, and Daily Swap fees associated with a trade, giving you full transparency on costs before opening a position.
How can I avoid the inactivity fee?
To avoid the €300 inactivity fee charged after 3 months of account inactivity, simply withdraw your funds from the account and no fee will be applied.
Are there any discounts on trading fees for high-volume traders?
ITCS Trade offers competitive pricing for all clients, but specific fee discounts may be available for high-volume traders. Please contact our customer support team for more information on custom fee arrangements.
Do different account types have different fee structures?
ITCS Trade offers a consistent fee structure across all account types. However, specific fee arrangements may be available for high-volume traders or under special circumstances. Please contact our customer support team for more information.
What customer support options are available with ITCS Trade?
ITCS Trade currently only offers EUR account types. This ensures a consistent trading experience and fee structure for all our clients. If you require assistance with currency conversion or have any concerns, please contact our customer support team for guidance.
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