X Open Hub welcomes ITCS Trade

Together with the ITCS Capital Ltd. team, we have created a stable trading environment meeting the highest industry standards, as our systems are heavily monitored and audited in accordance with ISO 27001 standards.
Published on
October 10, 2022

X Open Hub has announced a new partnership and welcomes ITCS Capital Ltd. to the XOH brokers’ family.

X Open Hub delivered for ITCS Capital track-proofed multi-asset trading platforms with access to over 5,000 assets on worldwide markets. The project also included access to synthetic equities from EU and US Markets with a fully automated system supporting corporate actions and reporting.

Together with the ITCS Capital Ltd. team, we have created a stable trading environment meeting the highest industry standards, as our systems are heavily monitored and audited in accordance with ISO 27001 standards. For the last 24 months, our system stability equals 100%, which is an outstanding result in our sector. We have achieved this goal thanks to having fully redundant infrastructure, servers being hosted in top-notched data centers e.i. Equinix, Digital Reality (former Interxion), and for the additional security in proprietary premises.

Furthermore, because of our variety of integration possibilities, and fully open environment, it was feasible to integrate automated trading capabilities into the trading environment via the Zulu Trade infrastructure.

ITCS Capital Ltd. is an exciting fintech startup that covers all aspects – from education to innovative tools within the FX & Crypto sphere. At its core the company provides instant and personal service, being always on standby – assisting with all client’s needs. ITCS Trade is a brand and registered trademark of ITCS Capital Ltd incorporated as a Financial Service Provider in Kazakhstan, combined with partner offices in Marbella, Spain. The company’s vision is to provide the best trading experience for emerging and EU markets.

We are delighted to be working with progress-oriented brokerages such as ITCS Capital. Such initiatives are tough but extremely gratifying as a consequence. This collaboration demonstrates our motivation to work together to create strong successful partnerships. The previous providers’ level of the product did not meet ITCS management’s expectations. Our systems perform with 100 percent accuracy, accessibility, and stability in both real and demo environments. We receive great feedback from our partner and we are extremely proud of it. The system efficiently processes a high volume of orders while providing access to over 5,000 instruments. We met the partners’ needs in accordance with the project specifications and provided the additional possibility of automatic trading. Together with the ITCS Capital team, we managed to deploy a true user-oriented trading environment.

– Broker Solution Specialist – Krzysztof Wysocki

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